Kat Demes Pavillion

Kat Demes Pavillion Donation

Thanks for supporting the “Delicious & Generous!” charity campaign last June. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise the sum of $37,921.00, which was donated to the Kat Demes Pavillion to assist parents with children in long-term care at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. This precious collective help from the heart brings a bit of light to already struggling families, thanks to all of us.

37,921 thanks!
Expos Fest Events

Au Vieux Duluth Restaurants are proud to sponsor the Expos Fest Events dedicated to raising money to fight DIPG (an aggressive brain tumor) in the name of our precious treasure Catherine “Kat” Demes. We believe good people can do amazing things. Remember, every child deserves a chance at life. We thank you all for your support !

Catherine "Kat" Demes


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